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AABB Accredited, Genegle Biotechnology specializes in Immigration DNA Testing. Our team of over 100 employees includes many PhD. Masters, and other highly qualified, well-trained, and dedicated individuals. Our team has one goal: to provide you and your family the fastest, most accurate testing results of any laboratory.

If you’ve received a Request For Evidence (RFE) suggesting a DNA test, then your family is very close to getting a visa. However, if you fail to choose an AABB laboratory who specializes in immigration, then you run the risk of delaying the process even further.


The Best Technology

As a leading provider of laboratory testing services, we deliver accurate, rapid, and confidential results for clinical and forensic testing to individuals, medical and governmental institutions. Strict and focused application of the most advanced technology platforms and industry practices by well-trained and professionally certified personnel ensures that we deliver unparalleled value and service to our clients.


AABB Accredited

Choosing Genegle, an AABB accredited laboratory, will ensure the highest level of quality which is approved by the U.S. government.

AABB is an international organization that accredits DNA testing laboratories. The U.S. Immigration Department requires all immigration DNA testing be completed by an AABB accredited laboratory.

AABB accreditation promotes the highest standard of care for all patients of DNA testing. AABB labs go through periodic assessments to ensure quality.

AABB laboratories follow guidelines which include the following:

1. Lab director and personnel must meet stringent experience and educational requirements.

2. Perform external and internal reviews periodically.

3. AABB labs must submit to regular laboratory inspections.

4. All testing methods must be approved by AABB.

5. All lab personnel must complete at least 12 hours of continuing education each year.

6. All lab equipment must be calibrated for accuracy.


Choose Genegle. AABB Accredited.

Our Guarantee

Foreign Relationship Expertise. Our trained immigration case managers set us apart from other DNA testing companies. Immigration specialists at Genegle are trained in the testing process and they have experience working with more than 50 countries. We have developed relationships with U.S. embassies throughout the world. Your family overseas will be collected quickly.

Personalized Immigration Case Manager. When you call us, we will provide you with a personalized immigration case manager. Your case manager will work with you to answer all of your questions and guide you throughout the entire process. They will complete your test for you quickly.

Experience Working With Your Country. You deserve a DNA company with experience with your country. Genegle works with all U.S. embassies and authorized embassy physicians.